Celebrating a Legacy of 14 Years

Cheryl Healton Image

We all leave a legacy behind, and one of the legacies we hope we can all leave behind is a tobacco-free country. Together, we can do something really beautiful - create a world that isn't plagued by this unnecessary cause of death.

- Dr. Cheryl G. Healton

After 14 years at Legacy’s helm, Dr. Cheryl G. Healton has been named dean and director designate of the NYU Global Institute of Public Health. We all express our gratitude and admiration for Dr. Healton’s devotion to public health and the success she’s had fighting against tobacco during her time at Legacy. Her unwavering commitment has helped build a world where young people reject tobacco and anyone can quit.

With sincere gratitude, Legacy thanks Dr. Healton for her years of dedicated service and extraordinary vision that have led to longer, healthier lives for all Americans.

Howard Meitiner, Phoenix House President & CEO, wrote the following poem in honor of Dr. Healton's service:


A new challenge awaits in Global Health
An opportunity for innovative public service
Resident once more in her favored New York
Influencing new generations through research
From modest beginnings at Columbia '75
A career in health and social sciences evolved
She was both published author and listened to sage
Recognized and distinguished for her service.

A mission embraced of smoking cessation
Through understanding of addiction and science
Impacting behavior through public education
Leaving behind a Legacy of success

Making a difference in the lives of many
A valued partner, guide and mentor
As we embrace healthcare evolution
And the impact on Phoenix House's mission
A woman of distinction and accomplishment

- Howard Meitiner